How It works

You can Boost your Video or Picture and Earn More then 2 BTC per post. Is it not amazing ? you can earn BTC easily with following few simple steps.

Step no 1: Upload Picture or Videos

Step No 2 :Click Boost Your Post button

Step No 3: Send required BTC to user and admin BTC Address.

Step no 4: Add Hash details & exact amount, submit data.

Step No 5: Share your video on social media & wait for your payment turn.

Step No 6: when you receive Boost complete payments urgently upgrade on Reboost level and repeat this process till Super booster Level where you will receive 2 BTC.

You can earn more then $200 Per boost post under you.

if you have 10 boost post under you, you can earn

10 x 205 = $2050

if you have 50 boost post under you, you can earn

50 x 205 = $10250

if you have 100 boost post under you, you can earn

100 x 205 = $20500

Your Points can increase your level and your Commission.

Free members can earn money with Three easy steps.

1: Upload Post Videos/Picture

2: Share your post and in social media and receive Like and comments and earn points.

3: Go to boosted Post and Comment and receive Point.

Note : You can post unlimited post and you can earn unlimited cash.

here is points earn detail in below picture.