BTC MOTION is Social media where you can earn BTC. you can advertise your business here free.

How BTC MOTION work?

You can earn if you will boost your post with just $1, or you can totally free, free members can earn points and convert into cash any time. for boost your post you need approx $1 which you will pay in two parts, 1st User and second admin, after manual payment from BTC you can submit hash details of both payments and qualify for receive payments too,

How much BTC i will receive after boost payment ?

you can earn more then 2 BTC, we have 5 levels for every post, you need to upgrade level after receive payments for more information boost levels please visit How it works Page.

Why you are receiving admin fee?

Admin fee will utilize for referral commission and will entertain free members .

When i will receive payments?

there is no time frame for boost payments, but you can earn points instantly by doing any activity. Points can convert into cash any time and withdraw.

how much time you will take for withdraw?

Withdraw can take 24-48 hours

What is Manual Confirmation system and how it work?

if some time automatic confirmation system did not work due to blockchain then you can use manual confirmation system and send request to member for confirm your payment, when receiver will confirm your post will qualify for boost. so we have both system Manual and Automatic.

can i create multiple accounts?

No. if system will catch multiple account your account will delete from system automatically which is not recoverable. so be careful it is not possible to reset your account.